Savings for Nassau Coliseum Renovation with Terrazzo over Quarry Tile

Nearly 50,000 square feet of epoxy thin-set terrazzo was installed over existing quarry tile flooring in the concourse of the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. Built in 1972 and home to the New York Islanders and the Long Island Nets, the Coliseum was renovated starting in 2015. Developers reduced the arena and expanded the structure as an entertainment hub for sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, with theaters, sports bars, and retail. The renovation project was completed in April 2017.

The existing quarry tile was bond-tested by multiple methods, primarily the “chain test,” in which a chain is dragged across the floor to reveal hollow points through sound, explained Matt Holdsworth, project manager and estimator with Zonca Terrazzo & Mosaic LLC in Armonk, NY, terrazzo contractor for the project. “An experienced guy knows what to listen for,” he said.

The floor was found to be about 80 percent sound and bonded. In areas where the tile was not properly bonded to the substrate, the tiles were removed and an epoxy/sand fill mortar fill was applied. A trowel coat of epoxy with marble dust to give it body was also used to float and fill in the grout joints between tiles to create a flat surface and to prevent them from the joints from telegraphing, Mr. Holdsworth explained. The terrazzo installation took seven months.

Long Island’s North and South Shores inspired the aesthetic of the renovation. Darker terrazzo with light aggregate represents the rocky North Shore beaches; the sandy beaches of the South Shore are portrayed in lighter tones. Driftwood and seashells inspired the selection of grey, brown, and white aggregates in the three-color terrazzo installation, bringing dynamic accents to the sandy cement mixture with its herringbone pattern of divider strips. Angular wood beams on the ceiling represent sand dune fences. 

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