Contractor Map

NTMA contractors are located throughout the United States and can also be found in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Romania. Many NTMA terrazzo contractors travel to install jobs in areas of the country without a local contractor.

Terrazzo contractors must meet strict proficiency standards and participate in continuing educational seminars conducted annually by the Association. Supplier (Associate) membership is available to material suppliers whose products comply with the standards stipulated by the Association.

American Terrazzo Company, Ltd.

  • Darin Flabiano

Andreola Terrazzo & Restoration

  • N. Brock Andreola

Atlantic Refinishing & Restoration

  • Robert Goldstein

Central Tile & Terrazzo Company

  • Scott Bragagnini

Colorado Design Inc. Tile & Terrazzo

  • Dan Stanton

Michielutti Brothers

  • Robert J. Michielutti, Jr.

Northern Illinois Terrazzo & Tile Co.

  • John R. D'Agnolo II

Rockford Central Tile & Terrazzo Co.

  • Louis DeMarco

Shannon Brothers Tile, Inc.

  • Quinn Sanders
  • Joe Floyd

Suburban Enterprises Terrazzo & Tile Co.

  • Christopher Claudy

TERRAZZO MASTERS an American Tile & Terrazzo Co. Brand – AEC

  • Colin Martin
  • Clyde Martin