2024 Honor Awards

Rock Ventures One Campus Martius Central Hub

Detroit, MI

Terrazzo Contractor

Artisan Tile, Inc. Brighton, MI

This office building was redesigned as the innovative central hub for a diverse group of over 100 companies. Design-versatile epoxy terrazzo allowed the design team to craft striking compositions that fashion an engaging context. A spectacular Palladiana terrazzo incorporates large, irregular marble slabs at the main entry. The ninth-floor entry, in contrast, is designed as a nod to the city’s original hub-and-spoke planning grid. The sensational pattern creates a dynamic visual narrative with three terrazzo mixes signifying streets, buildings, and parks. Anchoring the monumental staircase is an artist’s large-scale custom mosaic.


Ghafari Associates

Dearborn, MI




Detroit, MI


Mosaic Artist


Brooklyn, NY


Terrazzo Contractor

Artisan Tile, Inc.

Brighton, MI

General Contractor

The Whiting-Turner
Contracting Company
Detroit, MI



Rock, formerly known as Rock Ventures


Resin Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Aggregate Suppliers

Arim, Inc.

Continental Terrazzo Supply

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies



Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.



John D’Angelo Photo

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