2024 Honor Awards

Kecoughtan High School

Hampton, VA

Terrazzo Contractor

David Allen Company Raleigh, NC

This new science wing boasts a fun, appealing floor that enhances a unified design concept. To meet the design objective of maximizing learning opportunities within the campus, the epoxy terrazzo floor incorporates a bright topographical rendering of Southeastern Virginia, complete with accurate longitude and latitude grids and a detailed outline of the Chesapeake Bay shoreline. An attractive palette of five epoxy colors represents the bay’s earth, marsh, and water, with glass and mirror aggregates adding depth and sparkle. These high-performing floors are seamlessly resilient for optimal ease of maintenance.


RRMM Architects

Chesapeake, VA



Terrazzo Contractor

David Allen Company

Raleigh, NC



School Board of Hampton, VA

Hampton, VA


Resin Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies



Aggregate Suppliers

Southern Aggregates

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.




David Laudadio

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