2019 Honor Awards

Orlando International Airport

Orlando, FL

Terrazzo Contractor

Franklin Terrazzo Co. Chatham, ON Alpine Terrazzo, Inc. Maitland, FL

These public art installations are in Florida’s busiest airport, with some 45 million passengers yearly. Terrazzo installers collaborated closely with artist Scott Parsons to interpret his vision for these four floors. Greeting passengers entering the main terminal, these installations celebrate local attractions. The Wellness Garden, the Tech Garden, the Fun Garden and the Space Garden integrate 68 deep, saturated colors of epoxy terrazzo blended with glass and mirror, and intricate aluminum waterjet-cut patterns. Each floor radiates from its center and enjoins numerous motifs that unify the set of designs, suggesting a journey connecting the landscapes.


K Merck & Associates

Orlando, FL



Scott Parsons

Sioux Falls, SD


Terrazzo Contractor

Franklin Terrazzo Co./Alpine Terrazzo, Inc.

Chatham, ON/Maitland, FL


General Contractor

Gomez Construction Company

Winterpark, FL



Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Orlando, FL


Resin Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Aggregate Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies



David Laudadio and Brad Hedges

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