2022 Honor Awards

Millo Office Building

Bucharest, Romania

Terrazzo Contractor

Aragon Bucharest, Romania

The elegant simplicity of this thoughtful interior design is well suited to the architecture. Showcasing 1,700 linear feet of brass detailing and divider strip, this epoxy terrazzo installation throughout the common areas is the focal point of the modern interior. Both cream and medium gray resin are blended with a single unifying aggregate mix, gorgeously accented with larger marble chips. Mitering of the brass strip work is elegantly and artistically crafted. Monolithic restroom countertops were precast to appear sculpted like stone out of a single terrazzo block. Exceptional attention to detail is evident throughout the project.


ADNBA Birou Arhitectura

Bucharest, Romania

General Contractor

Heberger Constructii S.R.L.

Bucharest, Romania


Forte Partners

Bucharest, Romania


Cristian Vasile

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