2021 Honor Awards

Dickies Arena

Fort Worth, TX

2021 NTMA Job of the Year

Terrazzo Contractor

American Terrazzo Co., Ltd. Garland, TX

This grand civic building is the new home of the famed Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. The arena joins the city’s Cultural District and the Will Rogers Memorial Center as a showcase of refined references to the legendary trick roper and the city’s cattle-driving heritage. The 14,000-seat venue’s Art Deco-inspired style responds creatively to the design of neighboring 1930s-era structures.

The open-concept interior is configured to be both elegant and inherently simple to navigate, with a sophisticated palette of finishes. Each terrazzo staircase presents a floor-to-ceiling view while each ceiling design echos its floor pattern. A total of 120,000 square feet of 10-color epoxy terrazzo with classic marble aggregate was installed. A foam-board stencil system expedited the transfer of some six miles of divider strip designs onto the floor. Rope patterns and medallions were waterjet cut.

Precast treads and risers, created in the contractor’s shop, were used on the main stairways, with poured-in-place landings. In addition, short walls in the seating area were precast by the contractor.

Overlooking downtown Fort Worth, Dickies Arena makes a proud statement that assertively underscores the city’s identity.



Dallas, TX



David M. Schwarz

Washington, DC


Terrazzo Contractor

American Terrazzo Co., Ltd.

Garland, TX

General Contractor

The BECK Group

Dallas, TX



City of Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX


Resin Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Aggregate Suppliers

Cactus Canyon Quarries

Continental Terrazzo Supply

Southern Aggregates

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies


Divider Strip Suppliers

Creative Edge

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.



American Terrazzo Co., Ltd.

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