2019 Honor Awards

Hard Rock Hotel

Daytona Beach, FL

Terrazzo Contractor

Terrazzo Contractor Steward Mellon Company Tampa, FL

Among this installation’s assets are impressive color consistency, skillful use of aggregates, and a subtly elegant, timeless design. In a $40 million renovation, developers demolished and rebuilt the interior of this seven-story, 200-room oceanside resort. The anchoring design elements are intersecting circles in one-eighth-inch, waterjet-cut aluminum. A single white resin color was used throughout the project. A distinction in color was achieved by varying the aggregate size, and was accented with large mirror chips. The stairs were set over existing terrazzo.


Foda Design

Decatur, GA


Terrazzo Contractor

Steward Mellon Company

Tampa, FL


General Contractor

ARCO Murray Construction Company

Tampa, FL



Summit Hospitality Management Group

Daytona Beach, FL


Resin Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply



Aggregate Supplier

Arim, Inc.


Divider Strip Supplier

National Metal Shapes, Inc.



Brad Hedges

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