2019 Honor Awards

Hard Rock Casino

Atlantic City, NJ

Terrazzo Contractor

Terrazzo Contractor Port Morris Tile & Marble New York, NY

This dynamic terrazzo pattern capitalizes on terrazzo’s capacity for artistic expression and branding in a high traffic environment. Its guitar theme is effectively conveyed in over 1,100 waterjet-cut picks. The gold guitar strings, weaving through the design and up vertical surfaces, were made with several thousand linear feet of zinc and aluminum divider strips, and were hand-bent and laid out onsite. Extraordinarily good craftsmanship and attention to detail, with consistent colors and chip distribution and a flatness of one-quarter-inch in 10 feet, are consistently manifested throughout this project.


Jeffrey Beers International

New York, NY


Terrazzo Contractor

Port Morris Tile & Marble

New York, NY


General Contractor

TN Ward Company Builders

Atlantic City, NJ



Boardwalk 1,000, LLC

Atlantic City, NJ


Resin Supplier

Master Terrazzo Technologies


Aggregate Supplier

Arim, Inc.

Divider Strip Supplier

National Metal Shapes, Inc.



Michael Blackburn

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