2020 Honor Awards

Bank of America Tower

Houston, TX

2020 NTMA Job of the Year

Terrazzo Contractor

Southern Tile & Terrazzo Co. Houston, TX

Traditional sand-cushion cement terrazzo is installed in the basement of this new skyscraper, where a 35,000-square-foot hub, The Understory, encompasses a market, bar, restaurant, and tunnels connecting to the buildings across the street. Monolithic Venetian terrazzo, the focal point of all interior finishes, was specified as the common denominator to coordinate the aesthetic of the classically simple multi-use space. The larger Venetian aggregate and hand-crafted heavy-top divider strip beautifully complement the scale and elegance of the site. The community area in the 35-story office tower includes fitness and activity centers and art installations. The terrazzo on the floors, ramps, and stairs is all poured-in-place. The installation demonstrates outstanding craftsmanship, from the execution on the tread and risers and the skill that went into grinding, particularly on the large chips on the edge of the ramps, to the perfect flatness of vertical surfaces and consistent aggregate density on all surfaces. The tower is the first LEED v4 Platinum Core & Shell certified project in the nation.



Houston, TX


Interior Designer

Michael Hsu Office of


Austin/Houston, TX


Terrazzo Contractor

Southern Tile & Terrazzo Co.

Houston, TX

General Contractor

Skanska USA Building

Houston, TX



SCD Capitol Tower of Houston

Houston, TX


Aggregate Suppliers

Cactus Canyon Quarries

Continental Terrazzo Supply

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American

Terrazzo Strip Company



Mark Dean Photography

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