National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association Appoints New Executive Director

An industry professional with 20 years of experience in terrazzo contracting, Chad Rakow has been appointed by the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) as its new executive director. His tenure began on April 14, during the NTMA’s 101st national convention in Tucson, marking a new chapter in the association’s history.

Chad Rakow, NTMA executive director

Chad Rakow


Mr. Rakow previously held the position of vice president at John Caretti & Company in Morton Grove, Illinois – a charter member company of the NTMA. A former North Central Terrazzo Association president, Mr. Rakow served on the NTMA board of directors for the past five years.

It was during the search for the new executive director that he realized the position involves elements of his career that he’s most passionate about. “What keeps the fire burning in me is educating people about terrazzo and what’s great about it,” he said.

“The NTMA Board of Directors believes that Mr. Rakow’s passion for terrazzo and experience in the industry will benefit him and the association in his new role,” said Leslie Carrio, immediate past-president of the NTMA board and president of DePaoli Mosaic Company of Canton, Massachusetts.





“Since Terrazzo is a specialty trade requiring specialized knowledge, his experience as a terrazzo contractor is a huge asset in his new role as executive director, and his appointment has been met with widespread and enthusiastic approval by the membership,” said Ms. Carrio.

Quality installations, technical excellence, and terrazzo’s assets of durability, design flexibility, and optimal life cycle savings are central to the messaging the NTMA plans to continue communicating. As a small specialty industry, “quality is taken extremely seriously in the NTMA,” Mr. Rakow noted. “We are highly protective of terrazzo’s reputation.”

The NTMA is a full-service nonprofit trade association headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas. Founded in 1923, the NTMA establishes national standards for terrazzo systems for floor and vertical applications. Its mission is to promote quality craftsmanship, education, and creativity in terrazzo while supporting its 152 members in their trade and service to the construction industry. The NTMA, is committed to providing complimentary services to architects, interior designers, artists, general contractors, maintenance professionals, and property owners.

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