2023 Honor Awards

Wareham Elementary

Wareham, MA

Terrazzo Contractor

Joseph Cohn & Sons North Haven, CT

This new elementary school is designed to help students learn and teachers teach. While epoxy terrazzo was specified for its longevity and cost-effective maintenance, the school’s interior design focused on its unlimited graphic capabilities. Imagery in the floors reinforces learning areas and guides traffic flow while honoring community spirit in 15 cheerful colors representing local natural resources. Along with a map of the town and a compass, learning tools in terrazzo include a color wheel, a variety of triangles, the golden ratio, and a model of the solar system with planets and moons.


Mount Vernon Group

Wakefield, MA


Terrazzo Contractor

Joseph Cohn & Sons

North Haven, CT


General Contractor

Agostini Bacon Construction

Rumford, RI


Town of Wareham

Wareham, MA


Resin Supplier

Key Resin Company


Aggregate Supplier


Precast Supplier

Precast Terrazzo Enterprises


Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.



Brett Beyer

Mount Vernon Group

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