2022 Honor Awards

The Artisan at Essex Crossing

New York, New York

Terrazzo Contractor

Imperial Flooring Systems, Inc. Freehold, NJ

This elegant space is part of a major new mixed-income housing and commercial redevelopment project on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A restrained, mosaic-style Palladiana pattern accentuates the commercial lobby space. Suzuko marble was waterjet-cut in alternating rectangles and attached to a mesh layout, then in-filled with micro-aggregate epoxy. The simpler residential lobby is distinguished by a sleek graphite epoxy with marble and glass aggregate, designed to complement other finishes. With a lustrous finish, the floors are set level with the sidewalk to obscure the boundaries of interior and exterior.


Handel Architects, LLP

New York, NY


Terrazzo Contractor

Imperial Flooring Systems, Inc.

Freehold, NJ


General Contractor

Consigli & Associates, LLC

New York, NY



Site 4 DSA Owner LLC

Larchmont, NY


Resin Supplier

Key Resin Company


Aggregate Suppliers


Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies


Precast Supplier

Angelozzi Precast Terrazzo Products


Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company



Jon Lattin

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