2024 Honor Awards

Texas Children’s Hospital – North Campus

Austin, TX

Terrazzo Contractor

Sigma Terrazzo, Inc. Dallas, TX

This new hospital has assigned each floor a natural element of the Texas landscape - caverns, waterways, limestone ridges, woods, highlands, horizon, and sky - with its associated textures, patterns, and colors. Paths of water through limestone inspire the first floor’s abstract pattern, and a magnificent waterfall flows down a grand staircase in terrazzo. Waterjet-cut animals and paw prints offer other moments of delight, reinforcing the hospital’s mission of “Putting Patients First.” Floor patterns and terrazzo base complement architectural curves and columns, and terrazzo’s nonporous durability and seamless finish facilitate an antiseptic environment.


Page Southerland Page, Inc.

Austin, TX



Terrazzo Contractor

Sigma Terrazzo, Inc.

Dallas, TX



General Contractor

McCarthy Building Companies

Houston, TX


Texas Children’s Hospital

Houston, TX



Resin Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies



Aggregate Suppliers

Cactus Canyon Quarries

EnviroGlas Products

Klein & Co.

Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.




Chad Davis

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