2018 Honor Awards

Louisville International Airport

Louisville, KY

Terrazzo Contractor

Rosa Mosaic & Tile Company Louisville, KY

These aesthetically captivating and functional terrazzo designs honor the city’s culture. Complex logos in the rotunda incorporate abstract images composed of symbols of Louisville, from bourbon barrels and baseball bats to jockey helmets and horseshoes. The Pegasus constellation within the Milky Way galaxy is depicted directly under a wire sculpture of the mythological winged horse, representing both flight and the city’s rich history in horse racing. Playing roles in this engaging narrative are 32 colors of epoxy terrazzo and 31,000 linear feet of divider strip.



Minneapolis, MN


Stengel Hill Architecture

Louisville, KY


Louisville Regional Airport Authority

Louisville, KY

Aggregate Supplier

Arim, Inc. Klein & Company

Aggregate Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

General Contractor

Wehr Constructors Inc.

Louisville, KY

Resin Supplier

Key Resin Company


Tim Furlong Jr.

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