2023 Honor Awards

Boston Children’s Hospital – Hale Family Clinical Building

Boston, MA

Terrazzo Contractor

DePaoli Mosaic Company Canton, MA

When additional capacity for patient care came at the cost of an old Dawn Redwood tree outside, this biophilic floor design with 17 epoxy terrazzo colors memorialized the tree. Bringing nature into the energizing space, abstract representations of the tree are built harmoniously into the floor and framed with natural-edge benches hewed out of its wood. Many of the zinc divider strips were bent on-site; the gleaming tapered heavy strips were waterjet-cut. The most intricate sections of the design were installed over radiant heat, with control joints curving seamlessly into the pattern.


Shepley Bulfinch

Boston, MA



Mikyoung Kim Design

Boston, MA


Terrazzo Contractor

DePaoli Mosaic Company

Canton, MA


General Contractor

Suffolk Construction

Boston, MA


The Children’s Hospital Corporation

Boston, MA


Resin Supplier

Key Resin Company


Aggregate Suppliers


Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Precast Supplier

Precast Terrazzo Enterprises


Divider Strip Suppliers

Creative Edge

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co.



Mikyoung Kim Design

Robert Benson Photography

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