2021 Honor Awards

BEO Shopping Center

Belgrade, Serbia

Terrazzo Contractor

Aragon Bucharest, Romania

A timeless art piece in terrazzo with a 3-D optical illusion is the focal point of this new shopping center’s interior design. The cityscape graphic is seen most advantageously from the upper level. The artist won this commission through an international contest; this project was his first introduction to terrazzo and to working with it as a medium. The 20 epoxy colors were blended with blue and green glass, mother-of-pearl, and 26 different Italian marble chips. The design was created from a CAD format drawing and digitally projected on the floor.


Chapman Taylor

Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe



Mario Kupcevsky

Vienna, Austria, Europe

Terrazzo Contractor


Bucharest, Romania, Europe


General Contractor

SMB-Gradnja po Subotica

Belgrade, Serbia, Europe


Shopping Center IV

Belgrade, Serbia, Europe




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