2018 Honor Awards

Art Award – Casona de Pappas

Tempe, AZ

Terrazzo Contractor

Advance Terrazzo Company Phoenix, AZ

A vibrant Persian rug pattern in terrazzo, with an integrated Moroccan eight-point star fountain and functional border drains, was created for this LEED-Platinum certified residence. To form the 23-color design, 2,358 separate elements were waterjet cut from precast terrazzo slabs. The pieces were then assembled, grouted, and fastened to the floor with flexible epoxy. The water fountain’s system of drains with 24 removable trays was concealed by terrazzo to create the appearance of a monolithic floor.


Norris Architects

Scottsdale, AZ

General Contractor

Temac Development

Tempe, AZ

Project Management

DKG Urban Concepts

Tempe, AZ

Divider Strip Supplier

Continental Terrazzo Supply


Powers of Design

Phoenix, AZ

Aggregate Supplier

Continental Terrazzo Supply


PT Design

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