2022 Honor Awards

5995 Windward Parkway

Alpharetta, Georgia

Terrazzo Contractor

Williams Tile and Marble Co., Inc. Smyrna, GA

The well-executed terrazzo installation in this warm, appealing office space replaced slate tile flooring as part of a LEED-certified interior remodel. Large-format porcelain tile was originally specified. An upgrade to seamless epoxy was cost-effective, with far superior durability and ease of maintenance, and provided a precise match of the design intent. Blended with glass, mirror, and mother-of-pearl aggregate, the colors were also customized to coordinate with other finishes. A final polish with 200-grit made for a lustrous matte sheen.



Atlanta, GA


Grubb Properties

Charlotte, NC

Aggregate Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies


Brad Hedges

General Contractor

Merit Construction

Atlanta, GA

Resin Supplier

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Divider Strip Supplier

Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Co. National Metal Shapes, Inc.

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