Vitae Restaurant
New York, NY
2015 Honor Award Winner

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The simplicity and elegance of this unique 1,500-square-foot installation of functional art speaks for itself. The use of micro-quartzite as aggregate reinforces the design and keeps the eye focused on the original chain-link pattern, staid but dynamic, contemporary yet classic in its choice of colors. Water-jet technology was used to form the black elements of the interwoven geometrical shapes, while the white sections were poured-in-place. Water-jet technology allows for the creation of a monolithic floor with highly intricate patterns without expansion joints or metal strips for separating colors.



Mr. Niels Guldager
New York, NY

Terrazzo Contractor
Durite Concepts Inc.
Great Neck, NY

Vitae Restaurant
New York, NY

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

David Laudadio



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