Tacoma Union Station
Tacoma, WA
Special Renovation Award   

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This century-old courthouse with its 20,000 square feet of geometrically patterned cementitious terrazzo, marble mosaics and solid marble borders is now fully restored. This project is a testament to the value of terrazzo craftsmanship and the longevity of terrazzo itself. Painstaking care was given on this LEED Platinum-certified project to preserve existing mosaics and original materials. The contractor matched matrix colors and old aggregates with new materials, recreating missing pieces by hand out of old stone or epoxy, while maintaining the appearance of the original. All areas were then lightly refinished and resealed.

U.S. General Services Administration
Auburn, WA

Terrazzo Contractor:
North American Terrazzo, Inc.
Seattle, WA

General Contractor:
U.S. General Services Administration
Auburn, WA

U.S. General Services Administration
Auburn, WA

Resin Supplier:
Terrazzo & Marble Supply

Aggregate Supplier:
Terrazzo & Marble Supply

Pragnesh Parikh/PARIX International

The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, Inc. is a full service Non-Profit Trade Association headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Association establishes national standards for all Terrazzo floor and wall systems and provides complete specifications, color plates and general information to architects and designers at no cost.

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