Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union ASC-II
Live Oak, TX
2013 Honor Award Winner

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This outstanding 9,800-square-foot project brings together four distinct terrazzo systems with exceptionally detailed graphics in 69 colors. The centerpiece of the project is a stunning16-ft pictorial emblem picturing San Antonio landmarks in epoxy terrazzo. The artist’s and architect’s signatures are engraved into the interior designs, which include the corporate logo and welcome lettering. Outside, rustic terrazzo sidewalks and stairs lead to a plaza, encircled by precast terrazzo benches, where a corporate logo is depicted in a ground-and-polished sand-cushion terrazzo system.

Chesney Morales
Architects/Planners & Associates
San Antonio, TX
Tex Liedtka and Debra Babcock
San Antonio, TX

Eric Messinger and Ralph Johnston
Universal City, TX

Terrazzo Contractor:
Venice Art Terrazzo Company, Inc.
San Antonio, TX

General Contractor:
Koontz McCombs Construction
San Antonio, TX

Randolph Brooks
Federal Credit Union
Live Oak, TX
Resin Supplier:
Key Resin Company

Aggregate Suppliers:
American Specialty Glass, Inc.
Bilbrough Marble Division/TAA
Cactus Canyon Quarries, Inc.
Continental Terrazzo Supply
EnviroGlas Products, Inc.
Heritage Glass, Inc.

Precast Products Supplier:
Wausau Tile, Inc.

Divider Strip Supplier:
Manhattan American Terrazzo
Strip Co.

Clem Spalding


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