Craftmanship Award
Port Morris Tile & Marble Corp.
New York Public Library-Battery Park
New York, NY
2011 Honor Award Winner

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The Battery Park City Branch is New York Public Library’s first green LEED certified branch in Manhattan. The main focal point as you enter from the street is the terrazzo entry. The seamless cast-in-place terrazzo staircase and seating area are one hundred percent covered in epoxy terrazzo using marble and glass aggregate. The seating area, walls, tread-risers and back wall and ceiling were all hand poured and ground as one monolithic piece. Hand casted and blocked channels for the railing and glass wall added complexity to this installation. In addition, the back wall seating area continues up and underneath on a spiral radius from seat to ceiling. The best feature may be the hand formed and tooled terrazzo “bowl” recessed for the LCD information center. In order to mimic the look of one big block of terrazzo, the staircase is entirely completed without the use of divider strips. The terrazzo floor in the lobby is turned up to form run up curbs at the reception desks. The terrazzo staircase is both a stunning and functional element in the library.

1100 Architect
New York, NY

General Contractor
Cauldwell Wingate Company, LLC
New York, NY

New York Public Library City of New York
New York, NY

Astor, Lenox & Tilden Foundation
New York, NY

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company
Wheeling, IL

Aggregate Supplier
ARIM Stone, Inc.
Teaneck, NJ

Aggregate Supplier
Terrazzo and Marble Supply Company
Wheeling, IL

Divider Strip Supplier
National Metal Shapes, Inc.
Delaware, OH

The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, Inc. is a full service Non-Profit Trade Association headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Association establishes national standards for all Terrazzo floor and wall systems and provides complete specifications, color plates and general information to architects and designers at no cost.

National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association
PO Box 2605
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Fax: 888.362.2770