Pittsburgh International Airport Airside Terminal
Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Job of the Year

This multifaceted 70,000-square-foot public art installation in terrazzo re-configured the circulation spaces of the central concourse while beautifully reflecting the heritage and vibrancy of the region. The flight-inspired design, “The Sky Beneath Our Feet,” gives pedestrians a bird’s eye view of the vast blue dome of the sky, intersected with historic aircraft and flight contrails.

The five floor murals, spanning up to 100 feet, present intricate silhouettes of the iconic local skyline in exacting authenticity and rich detail. The murals contain as many as 600 individually cut pieces. The free flowing clouds required approximately 15,000 feet of zinc strip to be bent by hand onsite and laid out according to the artist’s vision.

The design process began with the artist’s drawings on paper, which were then traced into a CAD file. Approximately 70,000 square feet of templates were water-jet cut for the divider strip layout and then laid out along control lines in the terminal floor to ensure an exact duplication of the pattern, lining up each section through the 60 distinct phases of the work.

LGA Partners LP
Pittsburgh, PA

Clayton Merrell
Pittsburgh, PA

Terrazzo Contractor
Roman Mosaic and Tile Co.
West Chester, PA

General Contractor
Mosites Construction Co.
Pittsburgh, PA

Allegheny County Airport Authority
Pittsburgh, PA

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.

Aggregate Suppliers
Arim, Inc.
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.

Divider Strip Suppliers
Creative Edge Master Shop
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

Craig Thompson Photography



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