Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Automated Train System
Phoenix, AZ
2013 Job of the Year

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This project’s four distinct works of commissioned public art present spectacular designs and graphics installed in the stations of the airport’s automated train system.

Themes of nature and metamorphosis drive the design in Journey Through Nature, with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, on an enclosed pedestrian bridge. The design incorporates aggregates of abalone shell, native desert stones and locally recycled glass.

Tailplane Patterns is based on the shape of a horizontal stabilizer from an aircraft. An interweaving thread of black unifies the repeating form in 10 colors, with glass and mirror aggregates.

Variable Order integrates over 1,000 randomly placed aluminum water-jet cut letterforms in varying shades of blue. A large handwritten script spans the entire design, turning the platform into an interactive page of an open book, inviting passengers to relate their own experiences.

Outdoors, Topo Magic, is a colorful, whimsical depiction of topological maps of Arizona. The terrazzo contractor developed a special terrazzo binder that holds its color against UV rays, for this station’s terrazzo floor.

Foreman Wenger Architects
Phoenix, AZ
Culver City, CA

Terrazzo Contractor:
Advance Terrazzo Company
Phoenix, AZ

Anne Coe – Topo Magic
Apache Junction, AZ
Daniel Diaz – Journey Through Nature
Tucson, AZ
Daniel Mayer – Variable Order
Tempe, AZ
Fausto Fernandez –
Tailplane Patterns
Los Angeles, CA

General Contractor:
Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Phoenix, AZ

City of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Resin Supplier:
Key Resin Company

Aggregate Suppliers:
Continental Terrazzo Supply
Turley International Resources

Divider Strip Supplier:
Manhattan American Terrazzo
Strip Co.

Bill Timmerman

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