Goldman Sachs Headquarters Kitchen, Servery, Dining
New York, New York
D. Magnan & Co., Inc.
2010 Honor Award Winner

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Goldman Sachs World Headquarters is a 43 story tower located in the Ground Zero section of New York City and home to over 9,000 employees. An essential element for the new corporate kitchen, server, and dining hall was a floor that was elegant and easy to maintain. The architects chose Epoxy Terrazzo using marble, glass, and mother of pearl to cover the 10,000 square feet of floors and 2000 square feet of vertical counters. The server counters, divider walls, dining counters and cashier counters are clad with a stylish field and accent color of terrazzo and were troweled in-place. The cashier counters have recessed nook and cranny shelves of fabricated terrazzo that store last minute impulse items. The distinctive vertical wall surfaces shaped in geometric designs composed of isosceles and right angled triangles, trapezoids and parallelograms required the use of hand tools for grinding and polishing.

New York, New York

Terrazzo Contractor
D. Magnan & Co., Inc.
Mt. Vernon, New York

General Contractor
Tishman Construction Corporation
New York, New York

Goldman Sachs
New York, New York

Resin/Cement Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company
Wheeling, Illinois

Chip Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company
Wheeling, Illinois

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company
Staley, North Carolina

Romco Precast Terrazzo Products
Manheim, Pennsylvania

Heritage Glass

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