Gardens & Sculpture Park
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Central Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc.
2010 Honor Award Winner

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Beneath the Leafy Crown is a unique sculpture by nationally acclaimed artist Michele Oka Doner. The sculpture, located at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, is composed of more the 1,600 bronze elements. The overall composition is guided by the progression of the existing concrete tree support elements which extend from the Main Entrance through to the far end of the Scenic Corridor at the entrance to the Conservatory of approximately 14,000 square feet. The embedded bronze elements form a golden contrast against the deep, mixed green terrazzo while the seeding of Mother of Pearl provided the sparkle of dew. The artist’s goal was “to create a magical space under the trees’ imagined leafy crown…a golden path” leading visitors through the curves of the main building, uniting entrances, galleries, conservatories, educational and gathering spaces. Therefore, the title of the work: Beneath the Leafy Crown. Since completion, the entire floor has become a functional work of art.

Michele Oka Doner
New York, New York

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Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
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