Christopher Newport University Luter School of Business
Newport News, VA
2014 Honor Award Winner

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The orderly geometric design in this grand entrance is beautifully appropriate for the space and architecture. Over 100 hulien green marble tiles are embedded in the intricate, timeless pattern of the terrazzo floor. Each octagon was field-fabricated with hand-bent and carefully mitered aluminum strips, using only whole or half marble tiles, without control joints within the pattern. Four subtle terrazzo colors, a total of 4,600 square feet, accent the tiles with a combination of marble, mother-of-pearl and mirror chips. Terrazzo offers an environmentally friendly and extremely durable choice for academic settings.

Glave┬┤ & Holmes Architecture
Richmond, VA

Terrazzo Contractor
Pompei, Inc.
Newport News, VA

General Contractor
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Richmond, VA

Commonwealth of Virginia

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Aggregate Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Precast Products Supplier
Wausau Tile

Divider Strip Supplier
National Metal Shapes

Dave Chance Photography





The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, Inc. is a full service Non-Profit Trade Association headquartered in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Association establishes national standards for all Terrazzo floor and wall systems and provides complete specifications, color plates and general information to architects and designers at no cost.

National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association
PO Box 2605
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Fax: 888.362.2770