Cathedral of Christ the King
Lexington, KY
2013 Honor Award Winner

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This 3,500 square-foot installation brings in 3/8” epoxy terrazzo to match the sand-cushion terrazzo of the original 1960s building. Both the contractor’s craftsmanship and the versatility of terrazzo are demonstrated in the poured-in-place baptismal font and immersion pool, with curbs and side walls, and in the steps and strip work, moving from one color to another.  Perfectly matching the two colors and Italian marble aggregates of the original structure, the new installation is clean, beautiful, and indistinguishable from that in the original spaces.

Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY

Terrazzo Contractor:
Martina Bros. Company, Inc.
Lexington, KY

General Contractor:
Messer Construction Company
Lexington, KY

Roman Catholic Diocese
of Lexington
Lexington, KY

Resin Supplier:
Terrazzo & Marble Supply

Aggregate Supplier:
Terrazzo & Marble Supply

Divider Strip Supplier:
Manhattan American Terrazzo
Strip Co.

David Laudadio

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